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As of  June 2024, we have given away more than 69,000 Bibles through our online retail store, eBay store,  and local Bible ministry.   We gave away so many Bibles that the publisher wanted us to start publishing our own version.  Now, we have heard from Pastors who are our customers who want more Bibles to give for their outreach programs.  Praise God for expanding our ministry worldwide!  Below is our new Biker's Life Reference manual.  This is the New Testament,  with Psalms, Proverbs, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution.

We now include the following insert in all our Bibles.  Praise God! 

Click our logo to go to our website.  There is a link to our eBay store on our front page.

We have expanded our STW Ministry to offer businesses in Battle Creek and Springfield a free rack full of NKJV and Spanish Bibles, and we will refill as needed.   Contact us if you are a business and would like us to disperse Bibles at your venue.  The complete Bibles and New Testaments are available in the Biker or US versions.



In late August of 2017, while riding my motorcycle home, the Lord God spoke to me as He does daily. But this time, it was different. This time, the Lord spoke His Words through my voice. Understand, this is not to be confused with "Speaking in Tongues" as that is evidence that one is Baptized in the Holy Spirit; but this was God speaking through my vocal cords to speak His mission. Suddenly I belted out,  "Serve the Word"! 

I immediately said to God,  " What is this all about? What does this mean?"

The Lord God immediately said to me, "John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".

I said, "Okay, God, I get that. Since the Word is God, and if one serves the Word, then one is serving God. But where do I go with this?"

The Lord God then said Immediately, "I want you to put Bibles in the hands of the lost". 

I then answered the Lord and said, "I do, Lord. I give out Bibles all the time to the homeless and elderly as well as our congregation at church".

The Lord God said to me: "I want you to get out and knock on doors and put a Bible in every home in America"!

My reaction was, "Wow! That's Huge". But I knew this was a mission I must follow through with. Praise God. And soon, I went to the Lord in prayer and asked Him, "Lord, do you want me to hand out New Testaments or complete Holy Bibles?"

The Lord God immediately said to me, "I said, In the beginning, was the Word".

I said to Him, "You are right, Lord." And within days, God's plan was coming together to put Bibles in the hands of the lost and start out in our local community by networking with local churches. Ultimately to reach the lost around the entire globe! Praise God.

Next, my wife, Becky, and I contacted several publishers to get price quotes and finally found the right one that would give us the best bulk prices.  God showed me His vision to put packages together for each new church team that signed up.  They would receive tote bags,  rubber stamps, and lanyards for identification purposes.

Then my wife and I prayed to the Lord about how to fund the project. And as always, the Lord God answered with a huge financial blessing! We've always had a "living on a prayer" attitude with our Motorcycle business, and we knew the power of giving and our words.  I told Becky on a Monday that if we sold a UTV we could use that money to fund the Bibles.  On Wednesday, we had a potential buyer, and it was a sealed deal by the following day.  That was how quickly things happen when your Faith is placed in Christ Jesus and what He did at the Cross! 


So, by the blessing of the Lord, we contacted a publisher, purchased 1000 Bibles, and began this Great Mission that the Lord has blessed us with! 

If you would like to donate to help put Bibles into the hands of the lost, we would appreciate it!  If you have a team that wants to get involved in the "Serve the Word" ministry by handing out Bibles to the lost, contact us with the link below, and we will get you and your team started. Glory to God!

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