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Beginning an outreach, whether you are an individual or an organization, will bring benefits that will last a lifetime if done for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The enjoyment of being able to help those in need is priceless.   Pick a Faith based organization or a charity where you are helping others.  Get together with a group of Believers and put what God desires you to do into action and raise money or goods to expand His Kingdom.  

Before we were in the ministry, even before we had our business, we got together with our friends to put on motorcycle runs to raise money for various causes.  If God has called you to do such, just put it before the Lord in a prayer of Faith and wait on the Lord. Always seek His Will in all that you do!


When Mark became a Pastor, he began an outreach at the local Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter twice a month. Soon after, he joined Deacon Brad Gardner ministering at the Laurels of Bedford nursing home twice a month. Now we have the Serve The Word program, where our Church team walks through neighborhoods door-to-door, passing out Bibles to the lost.  If you would like to join our Church team, seek the Lord and follow His Will.

In 2016 local business owners came together with the Springfield Assembly of God to gather and send supplies to the Louisiana flood relief program.    We sent 8,000 bottles of water, 50 cases of paper towels, 3,000 tubes of toothpaste, 3000 toothbrushes, 25 cases of non-perishable food, 50 floor mops, and 300 bottles of dawn dish soap.  FedEx pitched and shipped all the pallets for free! Glory to the Lamb!!

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